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  • Podcast "Success Sewn Up" with Erimus Insurance Brokers
  • Whitepaper: all you'll ever need to know about Marketing Strategy!
  • My Marketing Button is shortlisted for the Tees Tech Awards

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Success Sewn Up with Erimus Insurance Brokers

This podcast demonstrates how Emma Hughes, initially employed at Erimus as a graduate with no marketing experience, met our owner, Margaret Bradshaw (Mags), was introduced to My Marketing Button through a training course and then went on to lead a marketing team to the best organic six months the company had ever had during the Coronavirus pandemic!

We are also joined by Jane Reynolds, Business Development Manager at North Star Ventures and Chair of Tees Valley Business Club who facilitates the conversation.


Whitepaper: How to build an effective marketing strategy

In this whitepaper we look in depth at how to create a marketing strategy, including looking at why you need one in the first place!  We take a look at the research you need to undertake, goal setting, detailed planning, teamwork and culture.

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Event Podcast: From a Startup Idea to Launching a Successful Online Platform

In 2018, our founder, Margaret Bradshaw arrived at Teesside University with her vision for My Marketing Button sketched out on a roll of wallpaper. Fast forward three years, through many personal and business challenges and we now have a robust online platform with a growing community of users.

So just how did we get here?

>> Watch the video podcast on YouTube to find out!


Stop wasting time and money on non-results driven marketing, try this instead

Have you ever stopped “doing” marketing and instead thought about looking at your marketing from a different perspective? Instead of thinking about all the different things you need to do in order to push your business to new and existing clients, think about what you want to achieve.


4 Key Areas to Consider when Undertaking Market Research

There’s nothing more exhilarating than having that spark of an idea for a business, especially for a new product. Entrepreneurs will usually run their ideas past family, friends, business associates, who will all nod in agreement or be a critical friend, but there might always be that nagging doubt for an entrepreneur until the product is tested in its marketplace.

In this guest blog from MMC, a highly reputable research and marketing agency, we delve into the different types of market research and how research can feed your team with insights for your marketing strategy.


Podcast: Putting the 'M' in Marketing

This podcast details results of the 'This is Marketing' campaign, looking at what marketing is and whether it is valued by businesses.


Are you new to a marketing role… we would love to help :-)

If you are a graduate just out of university or have found yourself landed with a new marketing role, it can be daunting thinking about all the different marketing activities you have to coordinate.  

Wouldn’t it be easy if there was an online platform where you could create, plan, implement and track your marketing activities whilst aligning them with the fundamentals of marketing? My Marketing Button is that solution.  


5 Top Email Marketing Tips

Check out the latest email marketing tips from digital marketing experts Colewood.  You can even download a handy Infographic.


My Marketing Button shortlisted for Tees Tech Award

We are so excited to be shortlisted for the Digital Transformation award at the 2021 Tees Tech Awards!


Case study: Accountancy practice AbacusBean gets ahead with My Marketing Button

Discover how dynamic accountancy practice, AbacusBean was empowered by My Marketing Button to set up a motivated marketing team, create structure, set goals, generate ideas and get "a million miles ahead of where we were before".

Read on to download the case study or listen to the podcast.


Improve your marketing results by following these 4 steps

We often ask companies what marketing they do currently and this is the response we usually receive: “we post on social media”, “we call perspective clients”, and “we advertise here”… But have you considered what are you actually trying to achieve by doing these activities?

A strategic approach to marketing doesn’t have to be a laborious task. But having a robust strategy in place will help you to get the results you want.  We introcuce four key areas, or button-holes from our unique marketing methodology to get you started.


Marketing Strategy Simplified

Creating a marketing strategy for any business is tradionally a long process. Check out our infographic (PDF) where we make things simple and give you some of the key elements that make up a marketing strategy.


The Golden Rule to Follow when Building Your Company Marketing Plan

The golden rule to creating an amazing ‘marketing strategy’ is to know what your short-term goals are, meaning in the next few months. But also, what your long-term goals are: 1 year, 3 years and 5 years from now. Looking at a strategy in this way will help you to plan, not only for your long-term goals, but also your short-term targets too.  

Thinking about where you would like to see your business in the future will help you to create the targets that you want to achieve.


10 Steps to Raise Your Marketing Game

Discover how to create your marketing strategy in 10 simple steps.  Utilising our unique methodology for marketing planning, you can motivate and empower your team, gain ideas and practical guideance for marketing activities and most importantly deliver results.


Simple Steps you can Follow to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Here are a few simple ways you can improve your marketing strategy when you are planning for the year ahead, to make sure you reach your goals. When planning, having a framework in place to refer to is essential, as it can guide and support you to create an effective marketing strategy.  There are so many ways you can improve your marketing strategy.  We are excited to share some simple steps you can take to make a difference and support you with your future goals.


Case study: LemonTop Creative

This Case Study looks at how our marketing methodology has supported a business with its marketing planning and focus.  My Marketing Button offers a way for business owners to overcome the common challenges that marketing presents.

We asked Steve Gill, a Director of LemonTop Creative to give us some feedback on the training he had on the My Marketing Button methodology and tell us what the framework has done for him, his business and his team...


What does Marketing mean to you?

Marketing means so many different things to different people.  In this blog we delve into a definition of marketing and touch on some of the key elements that are needed to build an effective marketing strategy.


Online Event: Click here for Digital Success!

What does digital marketing mean & how does it fit in a wider strategy?

Join us for this event where we will be asking what the main considerations are when looking at a full 360 digital campaign.

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Join us for a live demo!

Find out more about the button methodology, discover the benefits of our online platform & explore how this can support you in your business.

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Online Event: Putting the 'M' in Marketing

In conjunction with Charlie Nettle, founder of the "This Is Marketing" campaign, we will be looking at what marketing means – how does a business define this?

We will also introduce our unique "button" methodology for developing marketing strategy - a process which is straightforward, easy to access and most importantly, which gets results!

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Online Event: Success Sewn Up with Erimus Insurance Brokers

Whether you are a start-up business or a more established organisation, marketing needs to sit at the very epicentre of operations.  Having a strategic approach to activity is an essential initial ingredient.  This sounds easy…. right?

Market research has shown us that businesses don’t always find it easy to take time out and sit down and start developing a marketing strategy.  Many business owners have said the thought of doing that is quite daunting.  Where does a business start with such a task and what resources are out there to offer clear and concise help?

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