Online Event: Success Sewn Up with Erimus Insurance Brokers

Wednesday 28th April 2021
10.30am - 11.30am

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Whether you are a start-up business or a more established organisation, marketing needs to sit at the very epicentre of operations.  Having a strategic approach to activity is an essential initial ingredient.  This sounds easy…. right?

Market Research has shown us that businesses don’t always find it easy to take time out and sit down and start developing a marketing strategy.  Many business owners have said the thought of doing that is quite daunting.  Where does a business start with such a task and what resources are out there to offer clear and concise help?

It is interesting to consider who it is in an organisation who has the responsibility of undertaking this task, is it the MD? The marketing coordinator? The operations manager? The admin assistant?

Perhaps a business is looking to develop someone already in the team and place them in a dedicated marketing role and therefore some initial clear thinking around developing a strategy would be incredibly supportive?

This event tells the story of how an established business focused and invested in a marketing led approach and how that has translated into growth and success.

We talk to Erimus Insurance Brokers who have been a major player in the regions business community for many years and we hear about their marketing journey and touch on some interesting statistics that clearly demonstrate the impact of taking a new thought process on board.

Erimus combined internal resource with the support of a business with a vision for new thinking around marketing and are now reaping the rewards.

Come along and hear more and ask questions that could support you in your role or business.

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