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What does digital marketing mean & how does it fit in a wider strategy?

Join us for this event where we will be asking what the main considerations are when looking at a full 360 digital campaign.

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About this event

We are teaming up with Helen Stewart the recently appointed MD at Colewood for this session and we are excited to feature more details around what a digital campaign means.

Many businesses operate a social media strategy and consider that the extent of the digital options but there is much more scope available and a real need for joined up thinking.

Technology moves at a fast pace and new ideas are constantly emerging, so how does a business remain at the fore-front when it comes to digital marketing?

We will address that, and many other issues connected with digital marketing and really focus on what you need to ensure you have in place to be successful.

Points we will cover in our discussion:

  • What is digital and what does it involve?
  • What are the main points to consider when integrating digital into your business?
  • Where does digital fit within a marketing strategy?

Expect to come away with fresh insight, new thinking and a process for supporting activity that will help your business achieve its goals.

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