Case study: LemonTop Creative

Welcome to our Case Study looking at how our methodology has supported a business with its marketing planning and focus.  My Marketing Button offers a way for business owners to overcome the common challenges that marketing presents.

A branding company based in North East England reached out to us and got involved with “Marketing Strategy: A Framework for Success”, a strategic marketing training course that is offered by our sister company Red Button Marketing & Training.  The methodology used in the training now forms the basis of our online marketing platform.

We asked Steve Gill, a Director of LemonTop Creative to give us some feedback on the training and tell us what the My Marketing Button methodology has done for him, his business and his team:

"I attended the training and immediately saw a framework that was easy to work with...

...I could see where we were already doing lots of the things we should be, but suddenly, I could see clearly how we needed to be much more focused.  I had lots of questions for the team and my thinking was now much more in line with a coordinated approach.  The entire course was an eye-opener and it not only gave me the tools I needed to take our marketing forward but also the framework to support better working practices with the team and a way to keep the team motivated.  

We have now downloaded the software and we are excited to see how our button shapes up for the future.”

Read the full Case Study here (PDF, 429KB)

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