Manage Marketing Activity Effectively with Confidence

Developing a marketing plan has never been so easy. My Marketing Button helps you and your marketing teams harness robust effective marketing activity to help you grow your business and overcome challenges. Our online marketing platform is powered by our unique methodology which is proven to help your business thrive and guide you towards achieving your marketing goals.

Manage Marketing Activity Effectively with Confidence Manage Marketing Activity Effectively with Confidence

What is My Marketing Button?

My Marketing Button is an online platform that is designed to simplify your marketing activities and grow your business, based upon our unique methodology.

  • Our button framework is tried and tested on real companies and produces great results for our clients.

  • Monitor your progress towards achieving your marketing goals and achieve your marketing strategy and business targets.

  • Motivate your team with an unique platform, designed to work with various business setups, from an entrepreneur to a marketing team.

We have designed My Marketing Button to support your business, and elevate your business to new heights!

Find out how to plan your marketing "The Button Way" with a free online demo. What have you got to lose?

Get Stitching, Create your Strategy, Generate Results!

Access our unique methodology for marketing strategy on our online platform and instantly track marketing performance, whether at your desk or on the go! Plan and coordinate your marketing, assign tasks to implement your marketing plan and track your process each quarter. We help you to coordinate all your marketing activity in one place and pull all the different elements together to help stitch on your business’ button.

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How can My Marketing Button help me and my Business?

Save Time

Save Time

Increased coordination and focus will result in significant amounts of time saving meaning you can get on with growing your business!

Save Money

Save Money

Increased coordination will undoubtedly result in cost savings. Whether that is more effectively spent on print or advertising or time costs.

Plan More Effectively

Plan More Effectively

The range of tasks in the button means you won't miss anything and you will have improved management information in order to support decisions going forward. ​Assign tasks and bring that competitive edge to your team.

Increase Business Potential

Increase Business Potential

Knowing your markets and the opportunities for your products and services is essential. Within the button we look at this, therefore giving your business the best opportunity for more sales.

Stay Ahead of The Game

Stay Ahead of The Game

Within the button we look closely at content and message clarity – this is a key part of the marketing process as market changes can easily mean materials or content is outdated so we keep you on track to make sure you focus on that before undertaking activity.

Why Marketing Button

Don't Just Take our Word for it...

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Are You New To A Marketing Role?

Perhaps you are a graduate in your first marketing role, or an experienced professional who has been given a promotion outside of your primary area of expertise? Or have you worked in marketing for a while and are now responsible for marketing planning for the first time?

If so, My Marketing Button can help you grow and develop whilst following a proven methodology for marketing planning.

Are You Looking To Grow Your Business?

For businesses with ambitious growth plans, a robust marketing plan is an essential component which can help determine your future success.

My Marketing Button can help you empower and motivate your team, save time and money by capitalising on our expertise and most importantly, generate great results.

Are You Running A Startup?

If so, you are probably busy juggling marketing alongside everything else you have to do!

My Marketing Button is an online marketing planning tool which will empower you to create an awesome marketing plan in minutes. Save time and money by capitalising on our expertise.

Stitch Together the Key Elements of a Marketing Strategy to Create a Robust Plan

Stitch together the key elements of a marketing strategy to create a robust plan

Online Toolkit For Effective Marketing Planning

Welcome to a robust online platform designed to give you the tools you need to achieve your business goals. With marketing covering so many important aspects within a business, our software delivers a powerful way to:

  • motivate a team

  • solve challenges

  • encourage ideas

  • track return on investment